Q. What is the meaning of Heart and Cross mark?

The app suggests a potential match to the user based on certain filtering patterns. The user can decide to either Catch (Like the person by clicking the Heart button) or Keep Fishing (Show that the user not interested in the match by clicking the cross button)

Q. How to report a problem?

You can send us the message by providing the problem statement in the Contact Us page of this website at this link https://cruisea.com/contact-us/ .

Q. How to make myself invisible to others?

There is a preference setting saying “Account Visibility” in the preference page. By default this is always ON. If you turn it off then the app won’t suggest you as a match to any other app users

Q. What is the basis for suggestion? How the app does decide to suggest a potential match?

The app runs an algorithm based on certain preference parameters provided by the user. These preferences can be set in the “Preference” page in the left side navigation window.

Q. How to delete account?

In the app, there is an option to delete your user account.

If you have logged in with Facebook account and if you delete the account from the app, then the account will be deleted ONLY in the app and does NOT affect your actual Facebook account

Q. Is there a support center for users to contact in case of any app problems?

Currently the only way to our support team is by the mail address support@cruisea.com or by going to the contact us page https://cruisea.com/contact-us/